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It's very quiet here at the moment. My husband is at some Post Office meeting, and as it's half-term, my son is at his Granny's, and I am all alone (not quite sure how to indicate requisite spooky voice). And it just goes to show you how contrary human nature, or at least my version of it, is. Normally, when the opportunity to watch what I want on the telly, or sit and do nothing, or read, is about as likely as Accrington Stanley winning the FA cup - this year - I'd crawl over hot coals for just such a situation as I now have. Am I happy? No, I'm lonely. I miss my little boy like crazy tonight.

I'm part way through book four on my first re-read of the Twilight series. I will get my head round posting about them sooner or later. Actually perhaps now will do. The thing about them is that they give me what was, for me, lacking in Harry Potter, what I had to go to fanfic for with HP, romance. I love all the characters - there isn't one bum note. I'm not going to keep adding 'for me' or 'imo' at the end of each sentence - take that as read. I realise lots of people would disagree and think these books are rubbish but I LOVE them. Bella starts off as an incredible Mary Sue, and gets a bit like one in the very end as well here be spoilers ) This is the first anything that I have wanted to go back to the beginning and start reading again straight away, since I first read the then four Harry Potter books back in 2002. I actually made myself read two completely different books between Twilight 4 and starting the first one again - because I felt that to not do that was just too obsessive. I wish I could give intelligent commentary on the writing style, the plot and character development, etc etc. But all I can say is that I recommend them highly. And if anybody would like to tell me why they love them, I'd be happy to hear it.

The DVD came out here yesterday apparently. I looked in Asda for it this pm and it was sold out. I'm hoping a colleague of mine will lend me hers.
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On Monday I went to the dentist )

On Saturday I was paid the best compliment I've had in a long time. )

I've recently read a really lovely book by Michael Thomas Ford called 'Changing Tides' )

And finally I'm really really really fed up at work at the moment. Some people who do my job in London have been made redundant but are getting two years pay as redundancy money. I just keep thinking if I were offered that it would pay off most of my mortgage and then we could probably manage without my money and the thought of not having that horrible 'I haven't done my homework' feeling each morning is so alluring. Ho hum. Be careful what you wish for and all that.

Spell check doesn't like 'metaphores'. I can't think how else to spell it and none of the suggestions make sense. Strange.

ETA I've remembered something else. 10 days ago it was -7C and there were 6" of snow on the ground. Today it is +8C the daffs are sprouting and there are buds on the magnolia tree.
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First things first - I really enjoyed this book. I'm pretty certain I'd never have read it if it hadn't been by CC but I didn't want to spend any money on it either! When it shouted at me from the teen section in the library I picked it up without hesitation and I'm glad I did. It was easy to read, kept up a good pace throughout and I liked all the characters.

Apart from the Potter series and my failed attempts to read Lord of the Rings (which is quite different anyway) this is the only 'fantasie' book that I've read so there were things which could be standards of the genre but which in all honesty seemed to me distractingly like things in the Potterverse. For example - ordinary people being called 'mundies'. For all I know using the term 'mundane' for non-magical people is rife in this sort of book; in[ profile] emmagrant01's 'Left my Heart' American wizards use this term instead of 'muggles'. Anyway there were any number of things like that which shrieked 'Potter' at me but which may not be unique to that world.

I know it is not an original idea that the male lead in CoB (Jace) is DV!Draco. rambling and maybe spoilers )

Any way that's just my opinion.
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I've been reading 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley for the last couple of weeks. It's not especially long but it was hardly 'unput-down-able'. In fact I really struggled with it and at one point resorted to skimming over great chunks. )I can only assume that I am missing something that many many other people found and enjoyed in this book - it has been lauded for 200 years after all. I just feel that it's a really cracking idea, a gorgeous plot, utterly underachieved.

Have just watched a clip of Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths presenting an award. Was struck yet again by how little DR is and thought ,not for the first time, life must be so weird for him. But then it occurred to me that actually I'm even shorter than he is (or at least admits to being) and it doesn't seem weird to me.


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