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First things first - I really enjoyed this book. I'm pretty certain I'd never have read it if it hadn't been by CC but I didn't want to spend any money on it either! When it shouted at me from the teen section in the library I picked it up without hesitation and I'm glad I did. It was easy to read, kept up a good pace throughout and I liked all the characters.

Apart from the Potter series and my failed attempts to read Lord of the Rings (which is quite different anyway) this is the only 'fantasie' book that I've read so there were things which could be standards of the genre but which in all honesty seemed to me distractingly like things in the Potterverse. For example - ordinary people being called 'mundies'. For all I know using the term 'mundane' for non-magical people is rife in this sort of book; in[ profile] emmagrant01's 'Left my Heart' American wizards use this term instead of 'muggles'. Anyway there were any number of things like that which shrieked 'Potter' at me but which may not be unique to that world.

I know it is not an original idea that the male lead in CoB (Jace) is DV!Draco. rambling and maybe spoilers )

Any way that's just my opinion.
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I was quite sanguine about the delay to the release of the HBP film. Or at least I think I was. I remember thinking it must have been because Daniel Radcliffe would have been too busy Equusing to do the publicity junkets but that WB's profits was perhaps a more plausible reason. The thing is now that I've just watched the trailer (twice) and OH MY GOD I WANT TO SEE THAT FILM NOW! Up until seeing the trailer I was all 'Well it's not like we don't know what's going to happen, I can wait,' and obviously I will still have to wait, not having a time traveling device or a contact at WB. I so hope it lives up to the trailer. Soooooo looking forward to it now!
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It's quite a while since I last saw it and to say it's my least favourite of the books I like the film. It drags quite badly in the middle - way too much DA and Inquisitorial squad trying to find them - but the scenes in the ministry are very well done. Sirius's death has never really affected me. The first time I read the book it kind of passed me by it was so low key and I was two pages on before I realised what had happened and had to go back and reread to be sure. And to be honest it doesn't bother me in the film, in fact I find all that silent screaming of Harry's a bit over done. But every time I see this film the bit that makes me cry (not floods or anything just a bit of a snivel) is when Harry is possessed and they do the montage of clips of the trio. I have no real idea why either, but it always gets to me.

I still really loathe the 'we've got something to fight for' speach at the very end and Oh god how awful is that beige corduroy jacket? I can understand Harry wearing it for the hearing but why on earth would he wear it of his own volition to go home in?


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